X-trans Raw vs JPG comparison from X-E1 file

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Re: If you have to peep THIS hard

57even wrote:

It shows how good the JPEGs are.

IQ is more than resolution. The JPEGs have overall the best combination of sharpness, detail, colour and lack of artifacts.

ACR however is particularly good at recovering blown highlights or generally expanding the exposure range of a shot which has a very wide tonal range, which is why I still use it.

The trick in both cases to maximising detail is to keep the OVERALL sharpening level moderate, but using the detail slider to bring out small details. This works on both.

ACR does lose small low-contrast details however. In some cases the result is recoverable by local sharpening, in other its just gone.

Silkypix Pro6 does have the advantage of much better highlight, sharpening and NR controls and also does not have the artifacting issues of ACR. However it's also expensive and not available in the UK any more!

I agree with you that the Jpegs are very good.

The feedback in this thread has been very educational.

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