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Skip wrote:

Dinsy wrote:

GPapa wrote:

It kind of looks like the problem with the missing center of the car light streak may be related to totally blown white in one of the images. It kind of makes sense that the HDR software would try to put something in there.

Can you post the two original images?

Thanks for your help. Here are the 2 original images, taken one after the other. Of course, the second one does not have the streaked out car light. I took it purely for the sky.

So if I understand hdr correctly, the dark one is underexposed to get the bright details, and the bright one was overexposed to get the dark details. Then, some hdr magic occurs and you get the best of both as shown by the second photo of your original post.

If the above is reasonably correct, then what I don't understand is where the glowing tree came from. It wasn't in either of the originals. Sorry - you said you like the tree that way, but to me it spoils the result. But putting the liking or not liking of it aside, where does it come from? It's as if another original was combined into the mix.

Another problem (for me) is the whitish/lightish outlines around the buildings. Every hdr program that I have tried includes this feature at no extra charge. I even wrote to one of them about it and they wrote back saying the 'most people don't mind it.'

Thanks for your input.

I agree with you on both points.

I think the HDR process has uncovered the extra detail in the tree from the lighter raw file. I agree now that it looks too artificial - the colours of the leaves have become too saturated. That's something that I'll try to tame in future.

And, yes, that haloing around the buildings and especially around the left hand edge of the tree is really annoying. Don't know what to do about that. I am hoping that HDR will give me more control over high contrast images, but these artifacts are certainly not ideal. But I'll keep practising.

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