Which Olympus bodies have "Highlight&Shadow" exposure indicators in live view?

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Re: Thank you both

rrr_hhh wrote:

Congratulation on your new purchase. I'm sure that you'll be happy with it.

I'll soon find out - the battery is charging as I type.

I own an E-P3 too and it is a great camera when it comes to handling; in fact, I like it better than the E-M5 :

  • The fourways controller can be enabled to work as a second wheel and unlike the awkward position of the main wheel on the E-M5, I don't need to change the position of my hand to access it.

Another indication of why camera designers have such a hard job - I find the exact opposite! I can easily work the both E-M5 wheels without effort but find the wheel around the four way controller on the E-P3 a bit awkward.

  • I have customized the rec button to work like an AF lock button (AEL/AF button set to mode 3) and since it is located just above the magnifying button, it is a pleasure to use the small AF target to focus. I haven't found an equivalent on the E-M5 : the Fn1 button is difficult to access with the thumb and the Fn2 is to further back for my index.

Yes, I'll probably do something similar. The button differences have advantages and disadvantages both ways for me but I'll no doubt find something that works

By the way : the E-P3 has a customizable grip : the large grip offers a better handling, while still remaining tiny (the name is misleading). 

I can't work out the "customisable" bit, I can take the grip off but that's all. I probably need to RTFM

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