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Re: Tally So Far: The A's Have It

It's a runaway... out of 51 total votes so far:

A - 26 - Use OVF almost all the time

B - 10 - Use OVF significantly more than half the time

C - 04 - Use OVF about half the time

D - 02 - Use OVF significantly less than half the time

E - 07 - Almost never use OVF

So more than half the respondents here use OVF almost all the time, and over 70% use it significantly more than half the time at minimum (A + B)

I'm surprised by these results (although it would appear the user base here wouldn't be) because my own experience with OVF has been so different. It's one of the main reasons I bought my X100... and I still love the idea of the OVF... but I was put off early on by having to guess at what was really framed and focused in my shots. As a photographer who crops my shots carefully as I'm shooting, and not later on my computer, knowing exactly how I'm framed is essential, and I just couldn't get the accuracy I wanted from the OVF. Perhaps if I had stuck with it, I would have gotten better at compensating for its inaccuracies. But looking at the overwhelming number of people here who use it regularly and love it, I think I'll give it another shot. (no pun intended)

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