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Re: It's NOT all about differentiated products

petreluk wrote:

Well, one can discuss how this sentiment is expressed but it seems bang on the money to me and I could point you to at least one Pentax forum on the net whose users appear to fit that demographic to a T. It's not exactly a vibrant place to visit. The obvious difficulty here is that Pentax is a business and selling lenses is a highly profitable and important part of that. Old-timers who have built up collections of "legacy glass" over the years don't buy lots of new lenses. Nor do they tend to rush out and buy new bodies; being cannier, they wait until prices have fallen or the end-of-line bin is hoving into view. They are also probably more resistant than average to new developments, such as the electronic viewfinder (which, importantly, is also a way of trying to make DSLRs easier and cheaper to produce). This is not really fertile ground for a company which really really needs some growth and some revenue from fully priced products.

In my view, Pentax is if not trapped then overly-reliant on an ageing and declining userbase in the West whose spending power is not what it was. A solution to that may be to concentrate more on growing markets in the East where the brand doesn't come with such baggage and the average age is a bit younger anyway. The future of Pentax in the West may not be nearly so important to Pentax as we would like to think. Pentax themselves, for example, have always stressed that their home market, Japan, is unusually important to them. Look at how the K-30 is designed and at how it has been marketed. This is not a camera the manufacturer is aiming at people over 50 who have spent much of their lives using film cameras.

VERY interesting post. You hit some good points here. I'm not nearly 50. But here is a prime example of Pentax obscure "legacy" logic:

I see no other camera manufacturer displaying DISCONTINUED LENSES ON THEIR NEW CAMERA BODIES at Photokina.  Those FA lenses haven't been in production in almost 10 years!!!

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