Any Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/15mm out in the world yet?

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Tim Devine
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Unscientific Comparison

Okay.....first off this is a non scientific comparison of the 16-35 II and the Zeiss 15mm. The two shots were taken 3 days apart...and the framing is slightly different. Both processed through DPP with the same settings, didn't bother with trying to match color (or do anything with's WB straight out of camera.) The big gray block is there since I'm posting files at 100%. (Not that these are that great....but...)

Both shots are at f/11 taken with a 5D II.  Canon on the top, Zeiss on the bottom.

Links to original files @ 100% (Warning LARGE files)

Canon 16-35 II
Zeiss 15mm

Note, it was a little misty the day I shot the Zeiss. The Canon had a Zeiss polarizer and the Zeiss had a Marumi polarizer.

Again...not a particularly scientific comparison...but you gives you an idea of how the lenses compare.


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