A57 - weekend practise

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Re: A57 - weekend practise

Nice indeed, I used to have that lens a long time ago, and it brook, now I wonder if the A57 does automatic correction with this lens, I would buy it again if so, or I could go for the Tamron 18-270, what do you think ? thanks.

Photoviewer wrote:

MeanGene2 wrote:

Very nicely done

Thank you.

Nano princess wrote:

Ohhhhh beautiful...great subjects...

Liam looking at getting the same camera today.  Was that a kit lens

And what does sal mean?!!?? Sorry trying to learn

Thank you. To me it is very nice to use and fast. I did bought it with kit lens but was shot above photos with SAL18250 all in one zoom lens. I think SAL mean Sony Alpha Lens?

rimshot wrote:

Those are really beautiful! I like the dog with the sand on his nose. I almost laughed out loud! I have been thinking about Trading my A550 for the A57 or A65 and am glad to see such nice images come out of the A57..How is the viewfinder? I'm reading mixed reviews on it..SAL means Sony Alpha or A mount..NEX cameras have E mount.. Thanks for posting..Jimmymac

Thank you. Yes, he is a funny little dogy. Very lonely kept entertaining himself. He is belong to my neighbor. To me, A57 viewfinder is very good and I am very satisfy with its performance. I did tried both camera side by side just to taste their EVF. I chose A57. You should try both yourself if possible. Yeah..the SAL stand for Sony Alpha Lens.


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