Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Re: Thoughts about D800E

Both are great cameras. I use D800E, have used briefly a 5D2 and have a trusty 40D.

800E is unique in that it has a cancelled out AA filter. This gives images a sharpness and microcontrast which is to my eye unique to this camera. The possible downside of this is the fact it requires a bit more care to extract this super sharpness. Shutter speed needs to be higher, tripod used more often or perhaps a monopod.

Having followed this Nikon versus Canon debate for some time now (which often gets heated) I think the 5D3 may be the more general purpose all round type of camera - the 5D that has been refined to a pinnacle whereas the D800E is about ultimate image quality and superior dynamic range. Both are complex cameras with massive depth in the menus and lots of capabilities.

Not to offend 5D3 owners but the choice seems to me to be more D600 versus 5D3. Sure the 5D3 has some advantages over the D600 but not many. Image quality of the D600 is very similar to D800. All these cameras have superb low light high ISO performance which is nothing short of amazing. D600 has the same amazing dynamic range. 5D3 has the better Live View and AF but AF of both D600 and D800 is very good. My D800E AF is fantastic, its flawless.

D800E has had QC issues which are supposedly fixed now.  Left most AF points were off in some copies. 5D3 has no QC issues I am aware of.

D600 is getting constant great reviews and postings from owners and its a bargain at $2100.

So consider that - its 90%-95% of the D800 for 60% of the price.

D800E is also an attempt by Nikon to rattle the medium format market which I believe is somewhat successful. There is no other camera quite like the D800E.

Of ideally you could have both.

To me the best current Canon camera is the 1DX. If I had the budget I would like the 1DX and D800E and that would be the best of both worlds.

One thing to consider about Nikon and this is something I have happily discovered, is that all past Nikon lenses will work on any Nikon model. There are some truly wonderful "old" Nikon glass that is really cheap (often under $200). There is an amazing array of older lenses that are terrific. Whereas Canon has changed its mount at times in the past and FD lenses need an adapter. So your choice is really only the current production and much higher prices.


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