Defective viewfinder?

Started Oct 16, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Defective viewfinder?

jamesbm wrote:

Defective NEX FDA-EV1S

Thanks - the eye piece removes and reattaches fine - it is the ring of "glue" visible around the entire edge of the viewfinder screen that is alarming. Guess it is going back

Just inspected my own EVF. Does not have that halo of haze.

There are two possible causes for that haze. One, something was glued externally, causing its gases to escape under the viewfinder lens. Two, something internally has either popped or been exposed to heat and released such gasses. It could just be water vapour, but it is definitely NOT normal. So get your refund, and if you can, buy from a legit dealer (B&H, Adorama, Sony's own site) even if it costs a little more. The price is down below $250 now, so definitely not as big a bite to buy it at full price from a reputable dealer.

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