Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

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Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Hi David,

I think I might be the only other person in Melbourne who has one of these profoundly mysterious cameras. I don't think I have ever been quite so confounded by an image creating device as this one. I agree with you that comparisons with film are limited but they are nevertheless unavoidable. This is a state of the art (or perhaps THE statement of art) camera and it reaches back in time to the earliest days of photography when photographers were trained in classical art; they could draw, with a pencil, with ink. This is what this camera does or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the user is similarly drawn back to the idea of drawing. I do have a passion for black and white for much the same reasons that I love drawing over painting. It is the sublime form of expression. I have an M9 and I love it but this camera, I am somewhat in awe. I noted that the CEO of Leica, Alfred Schopf, said that if they had undertaken market research for this camera, we wouldn't have it. That is visionary.Today, I got a yellow filter and even that was a mystical experience. There it is, a camera with a yellow thing over the lens. This is a Dr Who of a camera. It belongs now but also, always. Hmm. Waxing lyrical. Not hard to do with an MM.

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