Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

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Re: Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

I agree with others that it's unlikely that third-party inks will give exactly the same results as Epson inks in ABW. However, I have not found it very difficult with my 3800 to get good, neutral prints using Inkjetfly IMA 36 ink. As Apotheker says, this ink gives a strong magenta cast using the ABW neutral settings but I quickly found a custom setting that fixed this. The benefit is that the ABW gives better linearity and deeper black.

Just for reference, the ABW settings I use are -20 horizontal, +12 vertical. I'm not suggesting anyone else uses these settings, it's just to show that the deviation from 0,0 is not that great considering the available range is +/- 75 in each axis.

In case anyone asks, the prints do look truly neutral, and yes, I have measured the L,a,b values and they confirm that it is neutral. If you're interested you can find light fade test results on Aardenberg Imaging for my paper/ink combination using ABW. Their measurements also show how neutral the tones are.

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