Why I bought an FZ200

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Why I bought an FZ200

and why my DSLR gear is going to be sold...

I started taking pictures in 2005 with a 1.3megapixel P&S, but I moved on to a Fuji S6500, and for a long time I was quite satisfied with the results of that camera - after all, I rarely printed anything out and always used some digital means of looking at my snaps.

After doing a college course in photography, I felt I was missing something by not having an all singing, all dancing DSLR like the rest of the "cool kids" at college, so I looked around and bought a Pentax K200D. I invested £500 in the camera, then £400 in a lens, then another £400 in another lens, then £800 in more lenses - and I was still looking at my pictures by digital output devices.

I was well satisfied with my Pentax, it is a great camera - however I found it was getting used less and less, as I had to plan a shoot - what lenses to take, what bag to put them in, how to get where I wanted to go, etc. The whole photography thing was becoming a major pain in the rear. So I bought a Canon S90 for a "carry around" - and its a great camera too, but with less than 4X zoom, it is not the all round camera I was looking for...

So lately I have been using what I started with - the Fuji - but I came across the FZ150 pics on Flickr and was blown away by the quality and the sheer versatility of the camera.

Research into superrzooms became my new hobby. I had just about opened my wallet (a major undertaking!) to purchase a 150 when the 200 was announced - more research was needed.

Major influencing factors were Graham Houghtons YouTube videos on the 150/200 and the posters in this forum. (RudyPohl's perseverance was particularly helpful  )

So, to wrap up:

The FZ200 is a state of the art jpeg processing engine that can, in automatic modes, I think, satisfy most of the casual shooting scenarios out there BUT it is also an excellent RAW capture machine with manual controls for those situations that warrant it - AND - I get 600mm zoom, a really useable EVF and a lens of constant F2.8.

And all for less than a quarter of what I spent on my DSLR kit

Now, here's the point of this - I view my images mainly on a 2560 x 1440 monitor, my smartphone and an iPad, occasionally a digital picture frame or a 42" television. All produce acceptable images to me, as long as I have "got it right" in the camera (or PP'd it into acceptable). I know that I could, in some scenarios, produce "better" pictures with my DSLR, but not without a lot of extra work in changing lenses, sore hands from carrying the thing (Pentaxes are built with real metal!) and worrying about dust on the sensor etc.

So, I knew what to expect from a bridge camera in terms of a small sensor, and I had no unreal expectations of the FZ200 when I bought it.

I returned it because of a fault in the EVF, and I am eagerly awaiting its replacement - and if this one goes faulty, I will ask for another one, and so on until I get a working one - I think its worth it.

Here's a link to some of the photos I took with it on Flickr:

My FZ200 set on Flickr

I think the best is yet to come from this FZ200 thingy...

Just my 2c worth.

Thanks for reading,


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