D800 & D4 need suggestions.

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Re: D800 & D4 need suggestions.

limitlessent wrote:

Ok... Going to make this as brief as possible. My girlfriend and I started doing photography as a business a few months back. We both started with d800 and love it. Only thing we don't like is it does require good technique and pretty good lighting or we get slightly blurry or out of focus images.  Im not talking all images here just occasionally.. Higher shutter speeds seem to take care of the issues but that requires even more light.

Poor technique (shake or missed focus) kills detail with any camera. The only difference is that the D800 puts the detail there in the first place, so you notice when it's gone. The D800 is very nearly as good a low light camera as the D4, but no camera that will bring back detail blurred away by shake (or missed focus)

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