My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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deep7 wrote:

The lens which is the subject of this thread is so different that it is hard to imagine it was made by the same people!  So sorry to hear about the problems.  I'd be gutted.

Thanks! I feel the same way. I also feel like the lens SteveHuff received for his review was so precise to detail that it was necessary to impress him and the public that yes SLR Magic is capable of making such a lens. But when SLR Magic mass produced the lens on a scale of 10/month, it feels as though they couldn't provide that much level of detail and attention to each lens as they did to stevehuff and his meetup attenders. Thus this is where my RF lens copy landed- quite the completely opposite of stevehuff's world premiere copy.

After all, it's money that counts in the end. Oh, and guess what? Via Paypal, by the time the person get's their lens, they can't say no because a full refund is out of the question seeing that it takes 2-3 months for the lens to arrive. Buyer takes a huge hit via paypal.

Actually, reading into this a bit more, I don't think you have fully accounted for the fact that your lens is not a regular production lens - you specifically asked for a particular version which is pre-production only and therefore is not a new lens.  Pre-production items, such as the one I have here, are produced specifically for testing, allowing last minute improvements before production.

Now I see Andrew has offered to honour the warranty on the lens, which is as it should be.  I think people reading this thread should understand that your review is not of a typical production item and the issues you have encountered are beyond normal quality control.

That said, I am surprised SLR Magic let the item slip out without a better check.  My experience suggested the company are normally more careful than that.

Just to correct some misunderstandings. All "Stealth" version of the lens was new when shipped to the owner. The "Stealth" version was requested by the owner and we only have new lenses. Pre-production lenses are much like the production version and usually minor improvements are made. Most of the time it is only minor changes that we received feedback from. Sometimes it is major. The 12mm 1.6 had a major change that caused a long delay for instance. The original owners suggested we change the direction of the focus ring and they were willing to sell their copy and buy the new one if we did that. The latest SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 12mm T1.6 focuses the opposite direction from the original Noktor 12/1.6

What owners should know is that we honour the warranty of the lens. Some owners of our Noktor 12/1.6 were offed an upgrade program at a small cost upon their request to change for the latest version of the lens. That was possible as a major change was made in the direction of the focus ring. We did not have major change for the 50mm T0.95 lens.

Some commented that the aperture ring is tight. It has also been pointed out on Steve Huffs video review of the first look the ring was looser back then. It was a good point made. Everyone thinks the aperture ring should be tighter than the focus ring and that is why we made that change. We also replaced Steve Huff's lens at the LA workshop as he felt the ring was looser as well. So, All aperture rings are tighter than the focus ring now. It is NOT an issue with the mechanical design of the lens.

Lastly, I would like to point out every company has their procedures and we do as well. There are complains we are not addressing concerns of posters on forums. The truth is, there are too many forums and we are never informed about the post from the OP by email or by phone. I have been a consumer myself as well and I do not know how complaining about an issue on a forum is considered  opening a case number with any company. We only respond to service requests by email. It is very time consuming to find out which customer matches which username. For example, we do not have a customer called facewashwas by email, by domain name, by company name, or by first name. I think I know who facewashwas is by now but some claims made are by people I could never find out if he/she is a genuine owner of the HyperPrime lens.

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