Nikon needs to make a constant f/4 tele

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nikon was probably about to announce one when the Tsunami hit.

16-35/4 was announced Feb 2010. 24-120/4 was announced Sept 2010. Then March 2011 the Tsunami happened. NOT A SINGLE LENS announced since then was marked "made in Japan". Even the 800/5.6 VR only had a development announcement  Had the Tsunami not hit the region, it was a logical guess another f/4 tele zoom should have followed. If anything it was a miracle the supply for the big guns (the Trinity for instance) was not seriously disrupted for too long.

On every single trip I've made in the past few years I lament the absence of a AF-S 80-400, that would have been precisely what I needed. I use the 70-200VR2 plus the TC-20E III on my D800E, but the IQ is only very, very mediocre.

Patents for 100-300 f/4, 80-400 AF-S VR, and even 100-500 VR has all been filed in the last few years. I bet on either the 100-300 f/4 or AF-S 80-400 showing up very quickly once we see new lens design coming out of Japan again. But when would that happen is anyone's guess. 2013 maybe?

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