My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

facewashwas wrote:

Just how could this quality pass SLR Magic's approval is my question. It's completely ridiculous! I have yet to received an answer from them aside from something along the lines of... well Leica(zeiss, et al) has that too, and here's pics to prove it. Deal with it.

Well, if a Leica lens owner experienced that much from a new single lens, wouldn't you think (Leica, et al) customers service would have done something to alleviate the situation and do something like replace the lens entirely or ask for it to be returned to fix that particular part (or many parts in my case) of the lens- rather than give out goodies to overcast the faults of the lens (thanks anyways if they weren't)?

In the end, this review is of the lens and there's no hiding faults when you have so many mechanically

We sent the lens to you in June. In July you said your camera is under repair at Leica and that you will not get it back till August. It is October now and for the two months you were using the lens you did not email us you are having issues despite the great photos you shared.

With so many issues that you mentioned, why did you not send the lens back for service or mention about the issues you have to us by email instead? There is three years warranty and we can address the issues you have but we cannot assist you if you do not send it back. The last time we heard from you is that you wrote 85% of your review in July with your M camera at Leica service center and you need the camera back for the remaining 15% of your review. However, we have not heard from you by phone or email ever since. Our customer service contact is and not by posting your thoughts on dpreview forum or l-camera-forum. I doubt Leica addresses customers issues by l-camera-forum support and you need to contact them by email or in person at their service centre for warranty concerns.

We know you are upset about black specks in the lens from friction of aperture blades. It is a common issue that is discussed on forums for lenses with a huge aperture blades. For the Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens I am not sure if they still service that lens at the Canon customer service centre. The Leica Noctilux can be sent to Leica in Solms for service. The HyperPrime can be sent to us in Hong Kong for service. At Leica their customer care email their customers and say "My recommendation is take a photo to check if that can be seen on the picture. If not we all should no longer worry. If yes, please think about if you want to offer your lens a service on your costs."

The level of support and expectation you have is beyond what other brands can provide. The aperture markings you mentioned about is common on Zeiss Standard Speeds and Superspeed as well according to cinematographers I talked to. I do not see any Zeiss or Leica customer support on forums to address customer concerns. We told you to return the filter you have issues with for an exchange and you did not want to. You requested for a new filter to be shipped to you first without returning the original filter and that is not possible. I am sure for many other companies you also need to first return the item you consider defective to the company before a replacement is shipped out again to you.

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