What are piles of 7D doing at Costco??

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Re: What are piles of 7D doing at Costco??

ThomasH_always wrote:

We are used to see piles of boxes with equipment at Costco, foremost a consumer stuff. Entry level Canon and Nikon bodies were quite common, but a view of a man high pile of EOS-7D kits with 28-135 took me by surprise.

Do not worry, they will not sell them, and they do not cause a plummet in 7D price! They ask for ~$1700, if my memory serves. It is not a "bargain." I do not think that people will grab a "7D with the bundle of socks, 150 chicken nuggets and 84 yogurts in a box."

I am merely surprised about the appearance, and I wonder if the delayed successor announcement, combined with the large firmware upgrade has something do to with a large stock of unsold 7D's?



It's a bundle that includes a flash unit, case, etc (just like the Costco.com deal someone else brought up).  So for what you paid for a 7D last year, you are now getting it with a flash unit, memory card, case, etc... so it's a deal.  And when I went up to the nearest Costco to me yesterday and talked to the guy I know who works there, he said they've already sold a good number of these.

Limited numbers of Costco stores are also going to get a Nikon D600 2 lens kit as well very soon.

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