Wow, Moose Peterson recommends the D600 over the D800.

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Re: Almost noone needs a D800.

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Who prints at that native resolution? Almost no one.

I do and it is relatively common in my photographic circle.

It requires a computer upgrade for nearly anyone buying the thing.

Wrong, unless you're in the dark ages.

It requires great glass to handle that resolution.

So?  Buy decent glass!

The D800 is ahead of its time and beyond the needs of most people.

Wrong, at least not for my needs and my entire array of contacts.  What's wrong with being ahead of the times?  Sheesh, half the complaints on this board are about cameras that are hum-drum marginal improvements that don't deserve our attention (e.g. Canon 5DMKIII).

The D600 fits much better to general photography needs. The D4 fits better for professional requirements. Everything else is a compromise, unless you require the D800's massive resolution, then it's a perfect fit.

I, and most photographers I know, want and need the massive resolution.  Case closed.

If your needs are less, fine.  Who are you to define "general photography needs"?  All this sounds like a case of denial to me.

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