To color-balance or not to color-balance?

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Consider CTS as a CTO alternative

Sailor Blue wrote:

Depending on how close to sunrise or sunset it is and the effect you are after you want to use anything from 1/8th CTO to a full CTO gel on the flash.

I generally want the color of the light from the flash to be between that of straight flash and the actual ambient light color to make the subjects stand out a bit.  Also, if you use too strong a CTO filter the skin tones take on a yellow unhealthy look.  I normally use no more than 1/2 CTO.

Personally, I find CTO (color temperature orange) too, well, orange. Makes me think of that tanning booth mom who was in the news a while back. My own preference is to use CTS (color temperature straw). To my eyes, it's more natural.

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