Upgrading to D600 with these lenses?

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Re: Upgrading to D600 with these lenses?

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I currently use a D90, and with the release of the D600 I'm really wanting to upgrade. My reasons for upgrading would mainly be IQ. I want the best image quality that I can get, while staying within my budget.

My question is, I know my current lenses will work with the D600, but how well will they work? I currently have:

Tokina 12-24

DX, will not work properly

Nikon 35mm 1.8G

DX. will not work properly

Nikon 50mm 1.8d

FX, ok

Tamron 18-200

DX, will not work properly

Nikon 28-105

FX, ok

Is it worthwhile to upgrade with these lenses?

Only FX lenses will work properly on an FX Camera like D600. Buy the Kit with the 24-85 VR lens. It's sharper than most lenses above. Sell the DX lenses on eBay, it will most likely cover the added cost of the kit lens.

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All those DX lenses will "work properly" on the D600 in DX mode.  Note that the DX mode on the D600 is about a 10.1 mpx file as compared to your 12 mpx D90 file.  The D600 has considerably better noise performance than your D90 - so you give up some resolution and gain some high ISO performance.  If you want to take full advantage of an FX camera, I agree that you want to use high quality FX lenses.

I no longer equate image quality with megapixels.  I have two friends who both shoot 10 mpx cameras (one's a canon, one's a Nikon D100) and both are better photographers than I am.  I have also seen some fine images from a nikon V1.  The question is what about the IQ of your D90 are you not happy with?

Yeah, spend +2000 on an FX body and put DX lenses on it...I don't call that properly but ok...go ahead. It's not my money.

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