Please provide feedback/advice on my i7 system build....

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Re: Please provide feedback/advice on my i7 system build....

I'd advise you go post in this forum:

Use the sticky about how to post a question and use
Though your question may already be answered, there are a lot of great build suggestions in there.

Firstly, as someone said, get a better SSD, like a Samsung 830 or Crucial M4. The 840 is coming out soon if you can wait. Skip SSD Raid 0. Some MBs can actually TRIM in RAID0 SSD with Intel's latest software, but not worth the trouble. If you want to go nuts, get 3 SSDs, 1 for OS, 1 for apps, 1 for scratch.

You'll need Windows 7/8 Pro or higher to take advantage of more than 16GB RAM.

If you're going to be doing a lot of HD video editing (I mean professionally), then the I/O performance will be important. You'll probably want big 7200rpm HDs in some form of RAID for that.

I just built a 3770k system for Photoshop since my 3 year old system was slow with D800 files.

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