Do you always shoot at the max size?

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Re: Do you always shoot at the max size?

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I do shoot at max all the time but saw something about less noise at smaller size. Grainy pics are the worse so was not sure if smaller would help. I am thinking better lens for darker scenes lower ISO ... Been trying to take night pictures  without flash in A mode... I am learning that is not good. All pictures are grainy, yellowish and just plain poor. camera is OMD EM5 lens was 12-50 kit lens. Doing alot of playing with the camera so I know I am going to get crappy pics so just fishing for stuff to try.

Graystar answered your question about less noise above.

Thank you for pointing that out for me. I did read his post and he did answer the question about less noise with smaller pictures and shooting at max. I am just trying to get better pictures with less noise. This is the beginner forum so I figured if I can get any help with my digital photography this would be the place to ask. If my question is answered but asked another in the same thread should I start a new thread about noise in pictures? I guess now that I think of it I should.

If you want to keep noise at a minimum, using a reduced image size won't help.  Here are a few things that will:

- Use the lowest ISO possible while maintaining a high enough shutter speed to reduce image blur due to camera shake.  There's only so much IS in the lens can compensate for.

- Use a tripod if necessary; this will help keep ISO low

- Be mindful not to underexpose; correcting for underexposure during post-processing will enhance any noise, particularly in shadow areas

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