Sony A77- my experience with video mode

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Re: Sony A77- my experience with video mode

Here are links to (2) very different video productions that I did this past year with my Sony A65. The outdoor, action sports video obviously is about video quality and not in-camera sound. I handheld the A65 which was equipped with a Minolta 50mm 1.7 lens, set to Manual mode with a 1/120th shutter speed, 1080 60p with ISO 800. I used manual focus with focus peaking. It was extremely dark at this track, much darker that it looks. I edited this piece in Adobe Premiere CS6 with the original AVCHD file and color graded using the 3 Way Color Corrector.

The second video was scripted for our greenscreen-equipped studio. It was shot with a wireless lav mic with the A65, on tripod, which was equipped with an on-board JuicedLink 144 Pre-Amp/mixer which solves the "pumping" problem associated with auto gain. I have included a link to a photo of that "rig" setup. The video clips playing "inset" were from old standard definition footage that we kept from some very old footage that we had used previously.

The A65 can indeed be used for proper video production. You just need to learn how.

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