FZ200 quality issues or unhappy buyers?

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Re: FZ200 quality issues or unhappy buyers?

Humboldt Jim wrote:

I think there is a major third reason; unrealistic expectations.


It would be interesting to see how many experienced FZ150 users have returned FZ200s.  I might spring for a 200 before going to Africa next year and expect most of what I have become familiar with on the 150 ail carry over to the 200.  I understand and am willing to accept the limitations of ƒ2.8 @ 600 in order to get the benefits.  That is an upside of incremental change.


I'm quite happy with my FZ200, as a previous FZ150 user, but I have realistic expectations for a camera I got for $499. And, I'm still adjusting and learning how to get the best from it, but I'm confident in MY abilities to get the most from it. Some people are not as able to change, to adjust to new cameras, ways of shooting, ways of PP'ing, or different models & brands. I'm willing to spend the time, and have done so previously with my FZ28, 35, 150, and now 200.


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