A second request of FZ200 owners for RAW images

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Re: A second request of FZ200 owners for RAW images

SirLataxe wrote:

Being a Blighter myself, my own environment tends more to the damp and murky - especially this year, when it has hardly stopped raining. The more muted and gradual transitions of tones & colours in a typical British landscape picture are not always easy to capture well with a small-sensor camera.  So....

  • I am making a request now for FZ200 RAW files of landscapes that are of this British ilk - taken in bright or cloudy conditions when the atmosphere's water-content tends to fade things as they are farther away from the photographer.  If anyone is able & willing to make FZ200 RAW files of such scenes available, I would be very grateful.

Sir - As an owner of Panasonic cams since TZ3 and FZ28, and now FZ200 ... I think you may be better served by a Sony RX100, new Olympus PEN or other larger sensored camera. As much as I enjoy my FZ200 (and ones before it), if I was primarily interested in landscapes, it would not be my choice. Larger sensored cameras have greater dynamic range, detail and better lattitude with RAW pp adjustment, IMHO.

That said, for me, I'm not just interested in landscapes, be instead more general all-purpose photography and viewing at usually much less than 100% pixel-peeping. So for me, the FZ200 is a great tool. BUT, I have other tools for other special purposes.

A great combo might be an RX100 + FZ200, to cover the gamut, but of course the $$$ is the issue.

My 2 pence.


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