Epson R1900 and Inkjetfly CIS

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Re: Epson R1900 and Inkjetfly CIS

I have used an IJF Ciss for the R1900 and found it to be 100% reliable. Agree about the lower gloss but then no one has been able to duplicate the OEM gloss. But their inks are very good.

I had only one negative point about the IJF ciss. I only resets one position at a time so after some use, it seems that you are constanly resetting which of course causes the printer to perform purgin cycles, spending a lot of ink. ]

Newer styles CISS for the R1900 shuch as sold by IJC uses a separate chip bar that resets ALL color positions with one reset. Less resetting.

The negatives are that this chip set is really finicky and often you need to runt the reseting procedure several times for the set or 8 positions to fully reset. Their 6 colors systems are very reliable and trouble free.

I am currently just runnning refillables on both af my R1900 and I tandem a OEM GLOP cart with each set of carts.

You get OEM GLOP packs of 4 carts for about $14 in some places.

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