Alternatives to OM-D?

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Re: G5 and GH3, or the new Pen's with 16 megapixels.

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Hey guys, I'm doing some research if I should get a M43 camera right now. I'm getting the feeling the OM-D is the the "flagship" camera of the M43 system right now. I would like to get the OM-D but I'm in a tight budget. I'm wondering if you guys would have any suggestions to other alternatives to OM-D you would consider to the OM-D? Thanks.

With similar image quality the G5, and with equal or better the GH3. Or the new Pen's with 16 megapixels, and the GX1.

Careful with advice like this. G5 is not similar in IQ to E-M5 but significantly worse (even worse than G3 in low light), and the IQ of GH3 is simply not tested yet by any reliable source, and the only information about it is that it is both heavier and more expensive than E-M5, while account1 asks for something cheaper.|0/%28brand%29/Panasonic/%28appareil2%29/793|0/%28brand2%29/Olympus/%28appareil3%29/701|0/%28brand3%29/Panasonic

The statement about the G3/G5 low light performance is very misleading.  DXO rated the G5 sensor slightly lower than the G3 in terms of ISO sensitivity.  That does not represent actual low light image quality.

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