Buying Fuji in Japan

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Re: Buying Fuji in Japan

nawknai wrote:

If you're going through the trouble of buying from another country to save money, why not buy the XE-1 from a cheaper store in the US, Canada, or Australia???     Even B&H in the US will be cheaper, and friends of mine have purchased cameras from them before.  If they will ship to your country, you may as well buy it from B&H, Adorama, or the Australian store I linked to (see above).

Why? My personal reason would be I travel a couple of times per year to Japan, so I can buy it in person, check it if it works, and in case of problems effortlessly return it to the shop without sending it by post, which would be required, if I order from Australia.

At this moment I am not going to travel to Australia, Canada and especially US, so if I do not want to use mail orders, it rules those places out for me. There is additional cost and additional risk with buying by mail, which you have to calculate for yourself and decide, if you can accept it.

The original poster also asked about buying during a trip to Japan.  It is not a trip to buy the camera, but buying the camera by opportunity of the trip. I agree that in his or your case buying in Japan might not be reasonable financially. But it is a waste to have an answer on the forum, which cannot be reused by others in similar, but a little different situations. There might be other people, e.g. from Europe, also not willing to order by mail, going on a trip to Japan, so I just wanted to correct for them your statement that "prices in Japan aren't typically better than it is anywhere else". "Anywhere else" is not limited to Australia, Canada or US. I know Europe is sinking, it is not sunken yet...  still there are a lot of people here, who still buy cameras...;-)

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