Leica M9P or Canon 5D Mark III?

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Re: Leica M9P or Canon 5D Mark III?

nothing against canon's $ nikon's. They're excellent cameras, no doubt about it.

I came from canon 5d, switched to  nikon d3 & d3s (shooting weddings), got a chance to try nikon d600 & d800.

To me, nothing beats my M9 with summilux 50 1.4 asph & 28 2.0 asph image quality wise.

Color rendition, insane micro contrast, colors, dynamic range, sharpness and something else which inspires more than any other cameras I've tried.

To be honest , I tried to get rid of my M9 many times, looking for a cheaper option, but M9 is still the winner and it stays with me.

If you REALLY need AF, then 5Diii is your cup of tea, otherwise -  M9 with pair of good leica lens, (not voigtlanger or other cheap substitutes ) will definitely win your heart!

Good luck with your research!

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