Advice on lenses for America trip

Started Oct 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
DavieK Contributing Member • Posts: 708
Re: Take a long zoom

We did a California coast and Sierras trip and used the 18-200mm Tamron, 16mm, converters. The converters got zero use, the 16mm got plenty of city/street use, the 18-200mm proved ideal for landscapes. It's a bad myth that big vistas need wide angles. Usually you just end up with foreground and sky if you do that. In fact, focal lengths in the 50-100mm range (where the 18-200mm excels) tend to show togographical features better.

The 200mm end is not so useful if there is any hint of a warm day over desert, and even worse over blacktop road (concrete road, more common, is not such a problem). But any distant view you shoot after early morning can be badly smudged by heat haze. I still found 200mm useful for many flower and plant, small animal and similar shots, telecompressed streets, people, etc.


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