Epson 3880 Service Call Error 150C

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP sansbury Regular Member • Posts: 231
Re: Epson 3880 Service Call Error 150C

Just to follow up, my replacement printer arrived by FedEx overnight today, as promised, and I am happy to report that this one appears to be working great.

I am adding to Epson's profits by the minutes as I gobble up ink and paper making 17x22 prints, which look fantastic. This is the first printer (and camera--bought an OM-D a couple months ago, which led to the printer) I've had which makes B&W prints with nice deep blacks and tonal range like my old Plus-X and Oriental paper back in the dark(room) ages.

If anything, I'm liking the prints a lot more than I like what I see on-screen. I suppose if I dug out my 10x loupe and started pixel-peeping I'd find things to grumble about again, but looking at them as they're meant to be seen makes me really happy. So at least until I have to start buying $60 ink carts I am very happy!

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