My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

deep7 wrote:

The lens which is the subject of this thread is so different that it is hard to imagine it was made by the same people!  So sorry to hear about the problems.  I'd be gutted.

Thanks! I feel the same way. I also feel like the lens SteveHuff received for his review was so precise to detail that it was necessary to impress him and the public that yes SLR Magic is capable of making such a lens. But when SLR Magic mass produced the lens on a scale of 10/month, it feels as though they couldn't provide that much level of detail and attention to each lens as they did to stevehuff and his meetup attenders. Thus this is where my RF lens copy landed- quite the completely opposite of stevehuff's world premiere copy.

After all, it's money that counts in the end. Oh, and guess what? Via Paypal, by the time the person get's their lens, they can't say no because a full refund is out of the question seeing that it takes 2-3 months for the lens to arrive. Buyer takes a huge hit via paypal.

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