My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!
macjonny1 wrote:Personally after these reports I would be very very worried about buying one of these.  A drop test would do nothing to reassure me about that. 

@MacJonny1: I do not recommend to draw a descision only based on two or three people and their subjective experience with particular samples of early prototypes as there is a risk to take too much human error into account. There are at least as many positive reports about the lens - optically as well as mechanically.

There is not much to talk about when I say this lens definitely delivers in the optical department; it's amazing nonetheless as already said by stevehuff.

BUT aside from that, everything else is downhill.

Build quality just SUCKS (speaking specifically with my copy) and I just don't see how SLR Magic has tolerance for it. I feel like the negative aspects outweighs the positives which is why my review focuses so much on that initial impression.

Imagine getting a $4K lens and immediately upon inspection (before even mounting it at all) you were less than impressed or even "okay" with it.

Oozing Red glue, scratched aperture blades, stiff focusing ring, aperture, and slide out hood. Disfigured aperture, dinged paint, dirty mount, black dust particles inside lens, loud for a CINE lens, and it goes on. Though I am the first owner this lens was sold to, this lens is anything but a brand new lens in my book (by the looks and feel of it).

Just how could this quality pass SLR Magic's approval is my question. It's completely ridiculous! I have yet to received an answer from them aside from something along the lines of... well Leica(zeiss, et al) has that too, and here's pics to prove it. Deal with it.

Well, if a Leica lens owner experienced that much from a new single lens, wouldn't you think (Leica, et al) customers service would have done something to alleviate the situation and do something like replace the lens entirely or ask for it to be returned to fix that particular part (or many parts in my case) of the lens- rather than give out goodies to overcast the faults of the lens (thanks anyways if they weren't)?

In the end, this review is of the lens and there's no hiding faults when you have so many mechanically.

If anyone wants high-detailed images of the lens, let me know.

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