Best Telephoto Lens (100mm+)

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Re: Best Telephoto Lens (100mm+)

skpman wrote:

skpman wrote:

45-150: $250

45-175: $260~275

45-200: $220

I'd like to ask the members if there are any good reviews or comparisons of these three lenses? Experiences comparing the three?

They're all in the same price range for me, I'd just like to pick up the one with the highest IQ/sharpness, regardless of size. By the way, these are all Panasonic lenses as I require OIS on the lens.

thank you.

The previews I had read of the new 45-150 say it is slightly sharper than even the 45-175mm because of a simple design.  Given the fact it is shorter at only 3.5" I would say a perfect match for any m4/3 camera.  I frequently use a similar range tele with my DSLR and find except for birding it is very useful range and I keep it on most of the time.  The 100-300mm lens in contrast is much bigger and longer range but more limiting to only tele ranges.

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