New to DSLR, thinking about getting nikon 3200

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Re: New to DSLR, thinking about getting nikon 3200

I would recommend that you visit Thom Hogan's site. He recently posted a review of the D3200, and the whole lens conundrum. His opinion, as is mine and a few others here, is that the D3200 has the premier sensor of Nikon's DX line of bodies.

The 35mm f1.8 DX shooting RAW is an inexpensive means of getting the full benefits of the D3200 sensor, but you will likely be happy with the kit lens and perhaps an add on lens as the 55-300mm DX lens which will set you back about $400 new. Consider getting a good tripod (some come with a pretty usable head) and perhaps purchase Photoshop Elements or Lightroom 4 and use Camera RAW for your RAW processing, computer permitting.

Pick up a user guide from Amazon or your local bookstore, and Thom should have one out in the near future for the D3200 as well.

Good luck with whatever you purchase.


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