D600 / Red Spot + Oil Spots????

Started Oct 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Edmund17 Regular Member • Posts: 290
I’m glad to know.... Thanks!!!

Many thanks to pluton, just Tony, xrdbear, jraa and gonzalu.

I’m glad to know that the red spot is just related to lens flare/ghosting.

Jrra, I always have the hood in place, so as Just Tony mentioned, next time I’ll try to recognize them in the viewfinder now that I know know what to look for to better adjust the composition.

Regarding the dust spots I just looked up the mirror for cleaning and this D600 sensor is huge! (when comparing to my D7000), so I’ll order a bigger SenSor and PecPads from Coperhill Images to clean it properly like I did a couple of times on my D7K.

Thanks again,

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