Advice on lenses for America trip

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Re: Advice on lenses for America trip

Jefenator wrote:

I'm pretty sure the NEX-7 is more expensive. At least it is with the online retailers I deal with. But I love mine - no urge at all to jump to the 6.

+1 panoramas. On my trip I encountered a lot of open views that were best captured that way. I utilized that feature a lot more often than I employed my extra-wide lens. (EXCEPTION: in a canyon. In Zion NP my 17mm never left the camera.)

If you are primarily concerned with landscapes, IMHO the Sigma 30mm is definitely worth major consideration. It's sharpness, flare resistance and price point make it somewhat of a no-brainer and I found myself favoring the slightly-wide viewing angle a lot more than I expected to.

Arches NP

Obviously if you're preferring a faster "normal" for other uses, the 35/1.8 would be a good choice.

I have not done much looking around for good prices for the NEX-6; I have only really seen it for c.£800. I got my NEX-7 for £750.

Nice photo. Really looking forward to seeing the American wilderness.

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