Jump from D80 to D600/700/800???

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Re: Jump from D80 to D600/700/800???

babamaru wrote:

D700: too heavy

D700: technology is too old when you have the D800/D600 option

D800: too expensive

  D800: excellent for 16x20 and larger prints

D600: just right

There, I fixed it.

When the D800 came out, I talked into I was blue in the face about how people would learn that it was too much of a camera for them. The computer processing power and harddrive space needed make the D800 a little ahead of its time. Besides, 36MP is far, far too much resolution for most people's uses. My guess is that 20MP is probably too much for most people. Resolution is only valuable if you can use it. If you're playing Where's Waldo, then I suppose it's really neat. But unless you're going to print 16x20 and larger prints, then there's no reason for it.
The D600 shares the D4/D800/D600 generation of technology. There's no reason not to buy it. The camera will easily be the most exciting camera jump you've ever made, and you'll be smiling for months about how fun photography is again.

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