D800 AF fine tune tool - LensAlign vs. SpyderLenscal?

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Re: D800 AF fine tune tool - LensAlign vs. SpyderLenscal?

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I have spent a lot of time fine tuning my lenses and was quiet unsatisfied with Focal which is giving me not consistent results so was looking for your valuable advices on other systems like LensAlign or Spyder Lenscal products.

I saw a lot of complaints about those mainly around the poor quality of material that they are made of, but would appreciate some feedback from people who are actually owning those.

Many thanks in advance


All of them are completely unnecessary.

Set up a tripod and just shoot something like a newspaper, or a brick wall that your camera can easily focus on. Focus with live view as your gold standard of sharpness. Then repeat with viewfinder phase detect. Check the view at 100%, and compare to live view image, then try +5 or -5 and see if it's better or worse. If it's better at +5, try +10, if it's better, keep going, and repeat until it gets worse, then dial it back.

Took me 1hr to do all 5 of my lenses and I haven't had any focus problems since. And I didn't need a fancy test chart or analytical software to tell me how sharp an image is.

Put it this way - why should you NEED a special focus target for a d800? It's a pro camera.. it can focus on just about anything in almost pitch black conditions. And why do you NEED software to analyse the sharpness? Surely YOU are the best judge of that..

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+1 for LiveView method.  Even if you calibrated with other techniques already, you will still need to use the LiveView to confirm AF accuracy anyway.  Use LV and save yourself time and money.

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