What do you do with old memory cards?

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Bruce Bracken
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Re: What do you do with old memory cards?

Kaj E wrote:

nikhgan wrote:

I believe that for most people, once you have 600x or 32Gb/64GB card, you won't use your old 133x, 300x, 8GB card.

So, what do you do with old memory cards that are low in capacity or slow in speed?

For me, I carry them most of the time but don't find the need to use them because new cards have enough storage.

When I sell used gear, I usually bundle old cars so I can get rid of th

What do yu need 32/64 GB cards for? I find the 16GB cards to be overkill on my D800.

What comes to outdated cards, I throw them away.

What do you need a D800 for? I find all those buttons, dials, and displays overkill on my cardboard pinhole camera.

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