Received my RX100 - realise Canon's Strengths.

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Re: Received my RX100 - realise Canon's Strengths.

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

My only issue is the menu and that is because I have been using Canon dslrs exclusively for so many years it just takes some getting used to I suppose. You made me laugh when you said you found the camera "extremely heavy to hold" lol.

I mean the SLR's are so much bigger and heavier to hold, but they have a solid chunky grip for the whole hand including the four fingers to grip.

I have owned two Canon Ixus in the past, and the RX100 is "considerably" heavier than the Ixus; the RX100 feels like a pro's compact camera!

With the RX100, it is considerably thicker and heavier than the S100, yet we are gripping the RX100 with essentially only the thumb and the first two fingers; I'm glad I already ordered a Richard Franiec grip - the RX100 needs it a lot more than the S100, which is something a number of people have already commented on.

I'm like you - I'm use to Canon menus; I'm starting to understand the Sony menu system.

However still, the Sony RX100 has some strange ergonomics.

When we playback, we press the playback button - fair enough.

However, we turn the zoom lever to the right to zoom in; this is where the RX100 becomes strange.

On a Canon, it will progressively zoom in - on the RX100, with just one press, it instantly zooms all the way in, then we have to zoom back out; strange?

Some people have commented on how all the Canon photos and videos are mixed in one simple folder, whereas the RX100 has 3 separate types of folders to individually group the stills, MP4 videos, and ACHDV videos - a bit fussy, but not a deal breaker for me. Some people may actually prefer the stills to be in a separate stills folder, while the videos in a separate videos folder.

I am starting to get used to the Sony menu system after a while; it is basically laid out with tabs at the top, starting from stills, to videos, to settings for both stills and videos, then the playback tab, the memory card tab, the time tab, and finally ending in the settings tab - not bad. The rear wheel not only scrolls down each page, but it automatically jumps onto the next tab too; not bad.

I am fine with the front ring being totally silent for videos. Some people complain of a lag; there is a little lag, but fine by me. However, ergonomically I find that the front ring is too firm to turn - it should be lighter in operation? It is a chore to turn that ring; a zoom ring on my Canon EF SLR lenses is far far lighter! I don't remember the ring on the Canon S100 being that firm to twist??

Once the video is recording, the motorised zoom is so slow? Why? So the autofocus can keep up? If so, the autofocus during movie recording should speed up. I have two Sony camcorders in the past, and the zoom speed during movie recording is super quick. However, at least the RX100 can zoom during movie recording; my previous two Canons cannot zoom during movie recording.

Also, during movie playback, they could have made the RX100's speaker louder than that.

Nevermind, I'm still not 100% sure whether I like the Canon S100/110 more, or the RX100 more; time will tell...

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