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Re: New X-Pro1 owner - first week shots

'Great shots; I like the photographer and flower the most.  Interestingly, the flower close-up was taken with the 18mm, very nice!  Thanks for the information about your X Pro1 and workflow.  I'm still on the fence of X-E1 vs. X Pro1, OVF vs. EVF; on-board flash vs. accessory; in-camera JPEG vs. RAW.

Here's a few comments and questions:

1.)  Great deal on X Pro1 with free lens. I hope these deals remain when the 18-55mm zoom is available.  I think the OIS and faster motor in the zoom will have some advantages for video and action shots.

2.)  X-E1 has the small on-board fill flash and X Pro1 not. What's your thought on use of a flash? Do you think it's a necessary accessory to carry with your X Pro1?

3.)  Could you comment on tune-up of OOC JPEG images in LR?  In particular, do you see much image improvement that's not otherwise available with camera settings?  Did you ever try connecting your camera to a display via HDMI and using the camera to adjust a final image rather than LR or other software?

Thanks again for sharing these images and your first experiences with X Pro1.'

Hi, thanks for your comments on my photos. I too was on the fence between the X-pro1 and X-E1, they are both very capable cameras and are fantastic image makers. What made my mind up was the lens deal and actually using one in a local camera store in Exeter.

Answers to your questions as follows, sorry if i go on a bit:

1 - The lens deal is fantastic, however i believe it is only running for October, it may happen again later sometime but it is not yet confirmed beyond October. I bought the X-Pro and 18mm for £1595 i then got the 35mm free from Fuji. Taking into consideration the lenses are around £450-£500 each this makes the body only price of the X-Pro1 an incredible deal.

2 - In general use i do not use a flash, so the x-pro1 not having one is no problem for me. However i do have my Panny GF2  which has a built in flash, i only use the flash when taking snaps of the kids, definitely not for any paid work. For paid work i would use flash remotes and off camera. The high iso capability is great and can take photos in near darkness, the camera can see better than i can! just bump up that iso and forget the flash, the only problems will be if you want fill in for strong backlighting, without a flash your stumped, you could try fill-in during post processing but it can lead to noise etc. In summary, if i could only have one camera and wanted it to do it all the X-E1 would just take it as it has the flash.

3 - OOC jpegs from raw produce to my mind very usable files, the only unfortunate thing is whilst processing the image in-camera there is no access to a live histogram and the you cannot see the results of any changes in real time, this can make the process a bit hap-hazard.

I have been reading histograms for years and with a bit of trial and error in the beginning i can now process the raw in-camera very well with little needed correction afterwards, i usually use a bit of exposure compensation and tweak the highlights and shadows in-camera to produce a file which has all of the tones with no blocked up shadows or blown highlights, this in general can produce a rather flat image, once in Lightroom i just boost the contrast a little through either curves or clarity (just a touch of clarity mind, a little goes a long way) adjustments. I do all sharpening in-camera on standard setting. Lightroom just gives the ability to selectively adjust the tones and i can see the results instantly. No doubt through trial and error similar images can be made in-camera but for me it is just too painstaking a process.

I use a HDMI cable for viewing the images on the large screen, the image quality is ok but i see haloing quite bad which is not actually in the image and so is useful only as a rough guide. One of the upsides of generating raw in-camera is that i no longer spend hours at the computer, i can do the job whenever or wherever i can.

Just a side note my usual camera settings are:

B&W Green filter

NR = -2

Highlight = -1

Shadow = -1

Sharpening = Standard setting.

I use aperture priority and dial exp comp when necessary, i do not use auto iso as you cannot set the minimum shutter speed, big oversight and should be fixed in firmware to make it fully usable. I find the EVF of the X-Pro1 to be more than usable and will do the job if called upon, it is on a par with the Panny G1 i owned and never had an issue with it. The OVF is quirky and getting the framing right can be a pain, i use the frame correction all the time, the more i use it the more used to i have become and my framing is better, one thing to note though is focusing and shot to shot time is faster using the EVF.

Whichever camera you choose will serve you well, i am more than happy with the image quality and prints viewed at optimal distances when framed are fantastic.

Hope this helps

Cheers, Jonnie

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