Plethora of output formats - which to use

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Plethora of output formats - which to use

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Windows 7

I am tidying up some old videos that were originally shot on an analogue camcorder (Canon) and then some shot on a Sony DV camcorder, transferred directly to VHS Tape (no editing), then transferred to DVD.

Obviously the quality has suffered in the transfer from tape to tape to DVD.

I now want to remove the wobbly bits and make them more viewable, add some titles etc.

But when I come to saving them there are a plethora of output formats.

Which should I chose?

They are not HD or wide screen 16:9, but SD (if that anymore) 4:3 ratio

I will want to watch them on a TV and a computer from a computer or a streamer. The files will live on a NAS drive.

Should I use an mpeg4 format. AVI format or what!!!

Is there really a difference between a PAL and an NTSC data formats?

Being in the UK PAL is my broadcast standard so does this have an effect on a data format?

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