Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

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Re: Epson r3000 non-OEM inks & Advanced B&W Mode?

I have been testing the ABW-mode with several ink sets in the past in my Epson Pro 3800/3880 and the R3000.

My conclusion: due to the small addition of the light magenta/cyan and the yellow to counter the warm cast of the grey/black inks in the ABW-mode, it seems to be very difficult for aftermarket inks to create totally neutral ABW-prints.

The inks I have tested sofar:

Image Specialists IM-K4: it causes a strong sepia cast in ABW

Inkjetfly IMA24/36 V3 (there is a newer version, which I did not have tested): strong magenta cast

Inkrepublic IRK4-nano (older version): a strange greenish cast

OCP K3: much better, but still a bit on the warmer side, but much better compared to the previous ones mentioned

Inkrepublic IRK4-nano Vivid Magenta (newer version): Bang, this is the one that creates near perfect and neutral ABW-mode without any noticable color cast and extra tuning using the color wheel.

Note: strangely enough the inks with color cast in the ABW-mode also have a significant larger gamut compared to the original Epson K3 (Vivid) inks.

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