My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

macjonny1 wrote:

I truly hope you survive and make the best of this SLR Magic.  I wanted to get this lens and one time but became quite worried about the early negativity surrounding it.  I read forum reports from Stephen Patterson as well.  I'd just expect a nearly resounding positive review for a lens in this price range.  I'm all for competition.  I own Zeiss and old leica lenses, only one current modern Leica lens (21mm super elmar) and I'd be happy to trade it for a Zeiss plus cash as I got it in a trade.  I love third party and used lenses the value can't be beat.  There is no way I'd ever spend $10+k on a Leica Noctilux.  Best of luck and hope it works out for you in the end.

Thanks for the support. After all that has happened it is not easy to clear the negativity surrounding our lens for Leica M mount. As some of our customers know PR and English is not what we are best at and a lot of negativity stirred up as we were preparing for our first ever exhibition at Photokina. I hope someone who had dropped by our booth and tried the lens can leave a few comments on the experience here.

Kind rgds.,


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