WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

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Re: WHY would you purchase a FULL FRAME Pentax? (In point format)

FF For me:

1. No Crop Factor, it means we can shot closer to the object (I do model photoshots, most).
2. Shot Closer means slower shutter speed and lower ISO.
3. Shot Closer means sharper.
4. Shot Closer means more accurate focus.
5. Shot Closer means the bokeh is nice with the wider background.
6. Field of View (background more wide)


FF camera is big, bulky and heavy.

months ago I want to move to Canon 5DM2, because the price dropped to very low and the lens like 70-200/F4 is very cheap compare to DA* 60-250/F4 (more than 2x), and I love Canon Lens 135/F2.
But after played for 1 hour with that 5DM2, I retreat and stay with Pentax because that Canon is very heavy and bulky compare to Pentax, this is not for me, I knew I would have problems with this things in the future.

Nikon D600 looks have the right size but their lenses are expensive, heavy and bulky also.
Now, I am waiting for small and compact Pentax FF, if they are not in the market, I will stay with my K7 forever.

RStyga wrote:

I've been using Pentax since my very DSLR-beginnings (together with other camera systems) and seen the hordes of people in this forum swearing by Pentax and then swearing at Pentax about a full frame DSLR. Although the advantages of FF in relation to APS-C has been amply elaborated, I'm not quite sure why the Pentax followers here favour a FF.

Please list in point format the reason(s) you would buy a FF Pentax; so that it is clear to me and to others.


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