Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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I will try both

I already suspect what the answers above tell you without reading them. The usual suspects will tell you:

-5DIII is better camera all around
-has better skin tones
-36mp is too much for you
-DR is not a big deal

If fashion shooters use the slow MFD cameras, than D800 is more than enough to get the job done.  If 5DIII does have better AF, it is only slightly better. Remember the state of the art D700 AF? D800 betters that.  The reason why 5DIII AF is touted so much is because it is a bigger upgrade from the crippled 5DII AF.

Secondly, skin tones business is also a very subjective area. I used to own classic 5D, never understood what makes Canon skin tones so special (they keep telling us about this magic and 3D thing they see) after I switched to Nikon.  If you know PP, you will not have problems with skin tones.  Since fashion shooters are not after natural skin tones, but after more saturated and warm tones, than Nikon will not disappoint you.

Thirdly, 36MP provides you better IQ and better DR. More pixels and more DR always equals better IQ. Don't let anybody else fool you that is not the case.

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