My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

macjonny1 wrote:

For sure a longevity test takes time.  I guess what I would be very very worried about though is the fact that people are getting these lenses and having an immediate worry that they would not stand the test of time.  I have not ever heard of this immediate feeling from a lens from Zeiss, Nokton, or Leica.

I understand your concerns and this is why we are out here talking now to clear the false accusations and rumours. On dpreview forum the user "magneto shot" spread rumors she saw a photographers lens got loose first hand. In fact, I contact that photographer she made a reference to and he said his lens is fine. This is how rumors began.

To learn more about the story, take a look at Steve Huffs latest update as well as the comments from 60 and onwards.

At the end, a person noted there is some action taken over at getdpi forum with a link. I looked into the forum and found more false accusations and the matter is now rectified.

There is nothing we can do when people are worried our lens cannot stand the test of time. The same people have three years warranty with their SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 lens anyway. @facewashwas did not really post a neutral review. For example, it was not mentioned he wanted an early copy of the lens in Stealth Edition for review and at the time there was no packaging yet. Secondly, he said there is a problem with his filter and when we told him to ship it back to us for a replacement he was not willing to send it till he receives the replacement first. At the end he decided to keep his first filter. I am sure most companies would require the first product to be sent back first before a replacement is sent out. Thirdly, an assumption is made that the lens will not last in a years time. As said earlier we need to give it some time. I see on l-camera-forum people discuss equipment needing to be sent back for service and most are still under warranty and so it is the Brand that makes poeple feel the lens cannot stand the test of time.

I attached the tester packaging on the left and final packaging to the right. I do not think any early tester was not clearly informed they were receiving the lens in a neutral packaging. It was made clear it was NOT the final packaging.

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