Recommended D800 Macro lens

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Re: Recommended D800 Macro lens

The 70-200 does work very well for hand held butterfly photography; I pair it with a 12mm Kenko electronic extension tube and the Nikon TC14E to get a suitable range and magnification.  Longer extension tubes do not allow the autofocus to work correctly on the 70-200 - the feedback loop gain seems to be too high and the lens frequently hunts rapidly around the proper focus point .

For closer work with the 70-200 I add the Canon 77mm 500D diopter - it allows excellent quality images but covers a fairly small range of working distances .

On another note I recently converted a Nikon Tc20E-II teleconverter into a Nikon 55mm electrified extension tube by removing the optical assembly.  The TC20E-II has electronics which change the AF operation to allow it to behave properly on an extension tube  ( VR also! ) and the TC20 is far more structurally solid than the Kenko tubes which are fine for some uses but do not work properly on the 70-200.

Good to know. Thanks.

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