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Love my 17 inchers! I've got a 2010 and 2011 17" MBP...the 2010, I switched out the Disc Drive for the opti-bay from OWC...moved the HDD over to it and put a 256GB SSD Samsung 830.  All Adobe apps, FCP, and well as word processing and other applications are housed on the SSD. Essentially, the HDD acts as an internal scratch drive/media storage compartment.

I'll be doing the same with my 'early' 2011/2.3 core i7 @ some point this winter.  I may keep the disc drive in this I'm still burning discs for clients and it's handy to have on site. Now that we are a buck or even less...per GB on the SSD side of the tracks, the updates are more and more compelling. I'm looking to put a 512GB in my 2011...again, housing all applications on the SSD and using an external USB 3 or FW800 drive (I bought the PCMICA USB3.0 adaptor from OWC and works well), Thunderbolt becomes more attractive (Lacie just announced a 1TB Thunderbolt SSD setup for an attractive $999), I'll house my media and scratch externally...and keep the internal 'burner' for clients that still like their shiny discs (We do both video and audio production primarily--photography is secondary for us)...but we've gotten more and more into design with the excellent 'rental' deals for the Adobe Creative suite!

There isn't a better time to buy a 17". Check out Apple's refurb section...and if you're not concerned about Rosetta apps (or any 'vintage' applications usable with Snow Leopard and previous builds to 10.6.x) in to the later 2011 versions of the MBP. They've got the faster 2.4/2.5GB procs and I believe a bit of a boost in the GPU department as well. Compatible (the 2011 model's GPUs) with Adobe's rendering engine is a very, VERY nice bonus.  I'm editing, transcoding, and finalizing just as fast or faster on my 2011 17" MBP as I am on our 2009 Mac Pro!  
I do, however, lust for the rMBP. I'm going to give it another generation though---with Haswell (Intel's next follow up to Ivy Bridge) and the Intel '5000' or whatever the onboard GPU will be --- as well as a bit stronger nVidia graphics card in conjunction with the latest refinement of these high rez IPS panels...AND, maybe even more importantly....for my software choices to 'catch up' to the higher rez options, I'll buy one next spring. For now. And for Half the price...I'll update the internals on my 2 existing 2010/2011 MBPs.

Again---Apple's refurb section is an excellent place to shop right NOW for a perfectly new 17" MBP!
Good Luck


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